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11 Best Hotels In Maldives To visit

Best Hotels In Maldives To visit!

Creating a comprehensive guide to the finest hotels in the Maldives is no simple task. The archipelagic nation sets the standard for island living excellence. It is where overwater accommodations are standard, privacy is guaranteed, and natural beauty is abundant. The quality is exceptional. Boutique accommodations and low-tech hideaways are uncommon; instead, world-class hotels are dispersed on their own private islands, with state-of-the-art spas and multiple restaurants nestled amongst verdant jungles, pristine beaches, and house reefs.

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The newest lodgings in the Maldives take this formula one step further. No longer is it sufficient for only villas to be overwater. Spas now dangle above lagoons, with glass floors that enable guests to observe turtles while receiving a massage. The traditional pool bar has been surpassed by a treehouse bar on the shore, and restaurants have relocated underwater. Additionally, steps toward sustainability are commonplace. The vast majority of hotels have their own conservation initiatives and coral programs. One is even entirely powered by solar energy.

Which hotels in Maldives is ideal for couples?

The Maldives, which are the substance of honeymoon legends, have much to offer couples. We adore Cheval Blanc Randheli (as do the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and the Four Seasons Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru for genuinely exceptional settings. Refer to our list of the top Maldives honeymoons for additional suggestions.

List of the Best Hotels In Maldives To visit

The following is a list of the Best Hotels In Maldives To visit:

1. Kudadoo

Best Hotels In Maldives

Kudadoo is one of the Best Hotels In Maldives To visit. Lars Petre, the Swedish entrepreneur who not only developed the country’s first sea-plane company but also co-manages nine other island resorts, understands what discerning Maldives visitors want. On Kudadoo, he built the nation’s first solar-powered hotel and its first all-inclusive deluxe hotel – all on a tiny coconut-forested sandbank. Its 15 rooms evoke spacious Japanese ryokans; they were designed by New York-based architect Yuji Yamazaki from soothing wood, stone, and reed-thatch, and are fronted by a wide veranda, plunge pool, and ladder into the churning blue ocean.

2. Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa

Looking for a retreat reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe? This hotel is a dazzling addition to the Maldives, with its powdery dunes, lush interior, and turquoise lagoon teeming with rainbow-colored parrotfish, blacktip reef sharks, and cow tail stingrays. It is modest (seven hectares) with 80 villas that are divided between overwater and beach locations. There are no poor rooms at this hotel, as they all overlook the sparkling, breathtaking Indian Ocean, where water and sky seamlessly merge. A personal butler will arrange spa treatments, schedule you in for a game of tennis, and dig a heart-shaped seat in the sand for two. With five eateries to choose from, food is a triumph.This is also regarded as one of the Best Hotels In Maldives.

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3. Gili Lankanfushi Maldives

Best Hotels In Maldives

Malé’s international airport was little more than a tin shed, postcards were the primary mode of communication, and most islands lacked regular electricity when this location in the North Malé atoll came into existence just over 20 years ago (originally under the wing of sustainability icon Soneva).

The sand dunes encircling the capital represented the most remote travel destination possible. Now, Gili Lankanfushi is easily accessible (a 20-minute speedboat ride), yachts and seaplanes crisscross the ocean and sky from dawn to dusk, and neighboring islands have street lighting and a Coca-Cola factory. However, some elements remain constant.

This hotel is still located in one of the most breathtaking lagoons in the nation, a vision of white sand beaches, shifting sandbanks, and peacock-green to sapphire-blue waters. All of the residences are built on stilts above the water, preserving the island’s natural beauty and dazzling beaches.

In 2019, the resort’s destruction by fire presented an opportunity for revitalization. Bathrooms are supplied with organic potions and reef-safe sunscreen. Handcrafted wooden furniture and woven lamp shades were sourced from sustainable suppliers in Bali.It is also one of the Best Hotels In Maldives.

4. Resort and Spa at Emerald

Emerald Resort and Spa feels like you’ve landed in your own Bounty advertisement after a 45-minute seaplane journey from Malé over uninhabited jungle islands and shimmering turquoise lagoons. Set on Fasmendhoo Island in Raa Atoll, with miles of infinite cotton-white beaches ideal for snorkeling and diving, gin-clear waters with reef fish exploding all around like confetti – manta rays, black-tip tiger sharks, and dolphins – it’s like Finding Nemo on acid.

There are 120 jaw-dropping villas here, divided between overwater and shore, designed by American architect Edward David Poole and constructed with bamboo, natural stone, and langhi langhi leaves in order to blend in with the tropical environment. The aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with contemporary furnishings and an abundance of sea breeze hues.

Overwater pool villas feature expansive marble bathrooms with sunken bathtubs designed for peering out at the expansive ocean and beach. Your own butler takes care of your every desire, from chauffeuring you around in a buggy to booking tables and arranging a private cinema under the stars with homemade popcorn and cocktails to boot.It is regarded as one of the Best Hotels In Maldives.

5. Joali

As one of the Best Hotels In Maldives, Joali is a hybrid of the Maldives’ finest qualities. Arrive barefoot at Mura Bar for a Martini at sunset, a buttermilk-chicken slider, and a hookah. Or get dolled up for dinner at Japanese restaurant Saoke. This rooted, solid luxury, without the slightest hint of dictating who visitors should be, what they should wear, and how they should unwind, immediately positions Joali among the leaders. For Maldivophiles, here is a worthwhile winter-sun detour that is just as successful as some of the cherished old-timers and major brands.

6. Raffles Meradhoo Maldives

Best Hotels In Maldives

What could be more delightful than staying at Raffles? How about a beachfront vacation at Raffles? This tiny island resort takes all the charm of its older Singapore sibling and combines it with clotted-cream sands, raspberry sunsets, and a coconut version of its renowned Sling. It is situated so far south that it barely skirts the equator; the delicious isolation is well worth the longer transfer time.

While waiting for breakfast (French boulangerie, Sri Lankan egg hoppers, detox beverages) with your feet in the sand, complimentary neck massages are offered. Lunch could consist of the day’s catch, such as smoked mackerel grilled with lemon oil.It is also on our list of Best Hotels In Maldives.

7. Alila Kothaifaru Maldives

This new addition to the plethora of luxury hotels dotting the white sand beaches of the turquoise-hued Indian Ocean stands out due to its superior service and streamlined, minimalist design. Two restaurants serve the 80 villas, which are divided between water (sunrise or sunset) and beach (properly concealed by dense vegetation).

Locally obtained fish is baked in sea salt or served in a curry leaf bisque at Sea Salt, which overlooks a sleek infinity pool and the ocean beyond. Wagyu beef is prepared Teriyaki-style at Umami, a Japanese-inspired restaurant.It is also regarded as one of the Best Hotels In Maldives.

8. Jumeirah Maldives

Best Hotels In Maldives

Jumeirah maldives is one of the Best Hotels In Maldives. The tranquil North Malé Atoll, a thrilling speedboat journey from the airport, is where Jumeirah has chosen to return to the Maldives (after having left the country in late 2020). The island of Olhuhali was formerly inhabited by Lux* North Malé, and the Dubai-based hospitality group has maintained the original’s sleek South Beach Miami design while adding their own distinctly glitzy touch, from monogrammed bathrobes to live bands you really want to hear. The 67 overwater and beach-themed residences are some of the largest entry-level villas in the Maldives.

9. Conrad Maldives Hotel

Over a quarter of a century after staking its claim on the beautiful natural twin islands of Rangali and Rangali Finolhu, the Conrad’s location remains one of the best of any resort in the Maldives, with long, broad stretches of sand wrapped around both jungly islands and manta rays circling the channel in between.

The installation of The Muraka (the world’s first underwater hotel accommodation) in 2018 was followed by a redesign of the cathedral-like beach villas in 2019, with the water villas receiving their makeover this year. The new chef Christian Pedersen has revitalized all twelve restaurants.

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10. Resort and Spa at JW Marriott Maldives

At this Indian Ocean rendition of the white-picket perfection of the Hamptons, not a single hibiscus is out of place, and no palm has been neglected. It is located in the far-northern Shaviyani atoll, where the surrounding islands are mostly undeveloped, so the seaplane transfer takes a little longer than usual, but the payoff is endless horizons, unbroken stretches of sea, and star-studded night skies. From one end of the island to the other, it takes about 20 minutes to travel, making it a medium-sized Maldivian island.It is one the Best Hotels In Maldives.

11. Hurawalhi Island Resort 

Best Hotels In Maldives

Hurawalhi Island resort is one of the Best Hotels In Maldives. It has the largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives, and on both sides of the glass are marvels. Hurawalhi is surrounded by no less than 50 exceptional dive sites, including one of the most reliable manta-ray locations in the archipelago, where you can watch these creatures line up to be petted by smaller marine life. The 90 villas are compact and uncomplicated, differing only by their location and private pool availability.

FAQs On Best Hotels In Maldives

Which side of Maldives is better?

While they're all beautiful, one of the best is Baa Atoll. Just a 35-minute seaplane from Male, it's a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, offering incredible diving. The North Male Atoll also boats plenty of diving sites, while the Raa Atoll is one of the largest and deepest atolls in the world.

What is the most expensive part of the Maldives?

Velaa Private Island Resort. If you're looking for the most expensive resort in Maldives, this private island resort certainly gets close to the top of the list. The Velaa private island has been called one of Maldives most luxurious resort choices, which is why it is expensive as well.

Which month is best for Maldives?

December - April: These months constitute summers in Maldives and is also the peak tourist season. Between December and April, the island boasts of dry weather. There will be little or no rain showers during this time, hence, making it ideal for tourists to travel.

Is visa required for Maldives?

One of the best parts of visiting Maldives is that, it is a visa free country for Indian nationals.

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