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12 Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

Best Subscription Boxes for Teens. Finding the ideal present for the teen in your life can be a real challenge. It can be difficult to find a recurring gift subscription, and you want to spend your money on something they’d genuinely want to use. Additionally, there is a bewildering variety of subscription boxes available, from those for confectionery lovers to connoisseurs of beauty. But fear not—you can’t go wrong with subscriptions that support their right to self-expression, pamper them with enjoyable experiences, or assist them in developing new abilities. We’re here to present you with the top subscription boxes for teens after taking into account variables like cost, frequency of deliveries, and particular interests.

Every parent is aware that dealing with teenagers isn’t always simple and that buying for them may be challenging as well. Because of this, adolescent monthly subscriptions make a thoughtful present for both you and your child. The finest subscription will give your teen something to anticipate, which is important at that age. In addition, a monthly subscription can help them feel a little cooler, improve their sense of style, or take better care of their delicate skin. Of course, it can be challenging to select the ideal subscription, but that’s where MSA comes in.

We ask our readers to select their Favorite subscriptions of all kinds each year. Then, in order to make it simple for you to decide which subscription is best for you, we ask our experts to explain what they know about each one. You can read our recommendations for the best teen subscription boxes below, as well as reader picks for the best book clubs, makeup bags, styling services, and more.

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Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

1. Ipsy Glam Bag

One of the top beauty subscription boxes on the market right now is IPSY. Five makeup, haircare, and beauty items (both full and deluxe sample-size) from well-known and emerging brands are included with each monthly delivery. You also receive a nice new makeup bag to keep all your brand-new items in.

Teenagers can start their own skincare routine and explore and experiment with various makeup and beauty styles thanks to this. When you’re ready to upgrade your beauty collection, have a look at the Icon Box subscription!

One of our favorites for teen girls is this beauty subscription box, and our readers have indicated that they appreciate it for their teenagers as well. After receiving their first box, subscribers can provide the Ipsy staff feedback, ensuring that the service’s selection gets better over time. According to several MSA readers, the basic bag is the ideal place to start while using the service before upgrading to Plus as the curation gets better.

Additionally, Glam Bag offers straightforward order management (with the option to skip months) and a fantastic selection. This is an excellent resource for teen females given the low cost ($13), and if you join up for an annual subscription, you’ll get your first box free.

2. Wantable Style Edit

After taking a style survey, users of the personal styling service Wantable receive high-quality clothing and accessories based on their style profile. Any purchase from your “Edit” is subject to a $20 styling fee, and you also get a 20% discount if you decide to keep 5 or more products. Wantable provides three distinct women’s styling subscription services: Style, Active, and Sleep & Body. It also offers a Men’s Fitness Edit. Before making a purchase, members of each styling service can test out several looks at home. Members can now try out seven carefully chosen apparel and/or accessory items in the comfort of their own homes before making a purchase.

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For teenagers who appreciate fashion, this is a fantastic choice. Your teen can request and deny goods they see in their curated Stream of daily fashion options thanks to the style quiz, which helps the stylist better understand your teen’s sense of style. With free delivery both ways, it’s impossible to beat the convenience of trying clothes on at home with no commitment to keep anything that doesn’t fit.

3. Pusheen Box

A popular cat character, Pusheen the Cat, is featured in a quarterly subscription package called Pusheen package. Pusheen the tabby cat, who became well-known thanks to her animated comics, GIFs, and stickers on Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, and other platforms, has wreaked havoc on the hearts of tween girls and boys all over the world. There are numerous practical items including Pusheen apparel, accessories, electronics, toys, stationery, and more in this box packed of rare first edition products. This subscription package is ageless, but teenagers adore it (as long as they also adore Pusheen).

Children who adore cute characters will have no trouble hopping on board and taking advantage of all that comes with a box based around a cat this adorable. Each package provided contains a nice surprise thanks to the selection of exclusive clothing, accessories, and toys.

4. OwlCrate

OwlCrate is a huge win for the book-obsessed teenagers out there! A recently published, gripping Young Adult novel and three to five special literary surprises are included in each box of the monthly subscription service. Every delivery has a theme, and the extras include things like enamel pins, writing instruments, prints, and limited editions that are associated with the featured author and book that month. To discuss the novel with other YA readers, teens can join the OwlCrate Society on Facebook.

OwlCrate is best suited for readers in the 13–14 age range because it is primarily designed for younger readers. A service like this lives on skilled curation, and OwlCrate’s selections are spot on. If your child loves fantasy, they’ll find plenty of interesting reading material, and the add-on gifts are fun, too.

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5. Universal Yums

Teens like Universal Yums because it keeps their interest and gives them a tiny hint of exclusivity—their Universal Yums hauls won’t be found in the snack vending machines at their school. An example of a recent Germany box might be one that contained sweets like a Strawberry Rhubarb White Chocolate Bar, Cinnamon Almond Cream Wafer, and Cappuccino Milk Caramels.There’s a strong probability that your kid keeps it on hand at their store to buy frequently if they enjoy a certain food.

If your teen feels like sharing, the subscription can even present an opportunity for family connection. Although this isn’t a subscription box targeted exclusively for teenagers, it is a longtime MSA favorite.

6. Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets, a monthly jewelry subscription box with a bracelet club ambiance and a bohemian feeling in its artisan-crafted range, is a huge hit with teenagers. More than just a stacking fashion accessory, Pura Vida Bracelets give teenagers the confidence to flaunt their opinions by inspiring them to support causes they care about. You can never have too many bangles; subscribers receive a stylish surprise bundle of three bracelets every month, valued at $50. Complete the ideal look with matching colors and styles; this is one subscription that is absolutely addicting!

It’s simple to suggest Pura Vida if your teen enjoys bracelets. We adore the company’s charitable giving of over $3.5 million and the exquisite hand-crafted design of its goods. In light of the foregoing, we advise seeing a few Pura Vida products to determine whether they look like something your teen would wear; if so, go for it!

7. Book of the Month

Teens adore Book of the Month’s carefully curated collection of hardback fiction and nonfiction books. This book subscription not only gives readers early access to popular new releases, but it is also reasonably priced. Each month, 5 featured novels are available for selection, and readers may add up to 2 more books for a fee of $9.99 each. Teenagers can always skip a month as needed because this flexible subscription service moves at the reader’s speed. This is especially helpful for kids who become overwhelmed with coursework, SAT prep, or prom dress shopping.

Teenagers who want to read more but aren’t always sure what they want to read would benefit greatly from this. They can spend less time browsing the shelves of their local bookstore or school library by selecting one of the well picked options.

We’re covering a variety of book clubs on this list. The Book of the Month Club is best suited for older teen readers who like discovering new books; but, if your teen has particular interests, they may choose a club with a more narrow concentration. However, this membership has great curation and is a great option if your parents are readers as well. If you get two subscriptions, you can form your own family book club!

8. Candy Club

Does your adolescent enjoy sweets? Gourmet food subscription service sweets Club delivers premium brand-name sweets once every month. Your carefully designed box will contain six different kinds of candy based on the “candy profile” you set at registering.

There is a big emphasis on visually appealing treats in vividly colored jars that are ideal for displaying on a desk or shelf (if you can hold off on eating them right away, that is). When compared to younger siblings who are still into snack-size grocery store meals, your teen may feel a little bit older and more sophisticated because of the attractiveness of the jars. Giving your teen a membership is a simple way to make them feel special.

A card with information on the candy is also included in each delivery. A portion of Candy Club’s earnings are given to the Birthday Party Project, a group that organizes birthday celebrations for children from underprivileged homes.

Although sweets Club is a bit pricey, sweets lovers will find it to be well worth the money. It’s a great subscription service and one of the most popular gift subscriptions for holidays and special occasions if your adolescent enjoys sweet or sour sweets.

Due to the fact that many of the goods contain gelatin, this is not a fantastic option for vegans or vegetarians.

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9. STRONG self(ie)

A quarterly subscription called STRONG self(ie) seeks to empower tween and teen girls while boosting their self-esteem. This box emphasizes wellness, healthy beauty practices, and enjoyment while containing inspirational, upbeat products like accessories, stationery, lifestyle items, and healthy snacks. For girls aged 8 to 12, the BLOOM box is best, while the BURST box is best for those between the ages of 13 and 17. Each box also contains useful information for parents; it’s a wonderful way to strengthen relationships and assist girls in discovering their inner strength.

STRONG self(ie) is great because it sends forth empowering signals to young women. The teen years can be difficult, but this subscription package offers lots of positive reinforcement.

Some lifestyle boxes employ inexpensive add-ons to increase the retail value of their monthly boxes, but STRONG self(ie) is meticulously curated, and our readers gush about the quality of the products.

10. FaceTory

For the Lux Plus subscription, FaceTory offers 5–6 skincare products and 5–6 sheet masks, or for the 7 Lux subscription, it offers 7 sheet masks plus a bonus item or two. Both options are great for ensuring a consistent supply of Korean sheet masks; but, the 7 Lux subscription is less expensive, so it may be unnecessary to choose Lux Plus if your teen already has a lot of skincare items.

Both memberships emphasize using high-quality skincare products from reliable suppliers. FaceTory products are devoid of sulfates, synthetic colors, perfumes, and EDTA and are also cruelty-free.

FaceTory is a wonderful gift if your teenager like Korean skincare (and who doesn’t?). Both membership plans are reasonably priced, but none provides complete customisation; you must rely on curators to make the picks for each month. FaceTory’s dedication to quality nevertheless shines through.

11. Eureka Crate by KiwiCo

For aspiring teen scientists, painters, and engineers, KiwiCo’s numerous tiers of boxes based on different kids’ ages are excellent since they combine STEM-based principles with crafts and DIY projects. Eureka Crate is a monthly subscription box for teenagers 14 and up that combines science and design with a difficult, brand-new project each time. Subscribers get all the supplies and instructions they need to build an engineering-focused, durable product.

These initiatives aim to inspire the participants to become innovative problem-solvers by applying science and math to real-world issues. Parents and teenagers adore this novel box for its monthly door-to-door delivery, educational value, and WOW effect.

While KiwiCo provides a number of memberships (referred to as “lines” on the company’s website) for children of all ages, Eureka Crate is suitable for teens who have a rudimentary understanding of science. If you want to be confident that the projects will interest your teen, we suggest glancing at a few boxes from previous Eureka Crates. Having saying that, KiwiCo’s kits are constantly enjoyable and make wonderful gifts. What more could you want?

12. Stitch Fix

An online personal stylist is available through Stitch Fix, which many of our readers believe to be the best in the business. You can choose from a number of carefully chosen outfits in exchange for a nominal styling fee. Keep everything you want, and the styling fee will be deducted from the cost of your purchase. Return anything you don’t want using the pre-paid return label.

Even though there are several stylist subscription services accessible, Stitch Fix stands out since it offers a large variety of well-known brands. You may try on your new outfits in the comfort of your own home, giving you plenty of time to consider whether you actually want that new pair of jeans. The items are of excellent quality, and the subscription experience is amazing.

Stitch Fix offers teenagers an easy method to maintain a fashionable outfit without having to spend all day at the mall. Although you’ll need to supply specific details about your style preferences to aid the stylists in their work, they do a terrific job curating each Fix.

Additionally, according to feedback from our readers, their Stitch Fix stylist actually scans their Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media accounts to see what they’re wearing and enjoying. Your teen’s stylist can learn what style your teen like if they mention it.

The service also provides a “style shuffle,” which is comparable to Tinder for clothing and allows you to tell your stylist what kinds of looks you like by swiping left and right on photographs.

The main drawback is the price of the clothing; while Stitch Fix’s styling fee is reasonable, some clothing items are pricey. Fortunately, the corporation has a policy of price matching, so your costs won’t exceed those of retail.

FAQs on Best Subscription Boxes for Teens

What age group buys the most subscription boxes?

People aged 25-34 make up the largest group of subscription box buyers, at almost 37%. This statistic is significant in the context of a blog post about Subscription Box Statistics because it reveals that the 25-34 age group is the most likely to purchase subscription boxes.

Why are subscription boxes so popular?

As consumers look for more convenient ways to shop and receive products, subscription boxes have become an increasingly popular choice. The industry has been driven by savvy startups who identified a need in the market and created a subscription box business model to fill it.

What kind of boxes are used for subscription boxes?

The most common subscription box packaging material is corrugated board (commonly known as cardboard).

What is the most popular consumer subscription?

Entertainment Subscriptions Are the Most Important to American Consumers. In the survey, four of the five subscription categories deemed most important by Americans are entertainment-related: streaming, music, live TV and gaming. Delivery also makes the top five.

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