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How to Stop Addiction: You Can Actually Stop That Habit

How to Stop Addiction: You Can Actually Stop That Habit!

Many individuals with an addiction appear to engage in a ceaseless battle in which they halt because they know they must. Then again, they cannot be stopped.

In fact, this is so well-known in recovery communities that there is a common saying: stopping is easy; remaining stopped is difficult.

Therefore, someone may replicate this action for years. They stop, and after a period of time – which could be several months or more – they discover that they have resumed almost against their own will.

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It’s discouraging, frustrating, and causes tremendous anguish, despair, and occasionally anger. Not only for the individual attempting to quit, but also for their loved ones.

Some individuals eventually give up on giving up. However, there is always a means to remain halted.

Considering the number of individuals in recovery from an addiction, there are millions of living proofs in the world today. This holds true for alcoholism, substance addiction, and behavioral addictions like shopping, sex, gambling, and work.

There are, thankfully, proved methods that can assist anyone in overcoming any addiction.

How to Stop Addiction

1. Keep it in the day

How to Stop Addiction

“Keep it in the day” may be one of the first phrases people in recovery groups and/or therapy hear. “One day at a time” is also a common phrase associated with addiction recovery.

This simplifies the situation and makes it appear much less daunting. You do not need to consider quitting permanently – just for today.

However, repeat this daily (often abbreviated “odaat”). There are people with, say, forty years of sobriety from alcoholism who still handle it one day at a time.

If a day seems excessively lengthy, break it up. Therefore, make it for one hour or even one minute at a time: that is, “for the next hour/minute, I will not drink, use, or engage in my addictive behavior…” Then continue to repeat this.It is one of the effective ways on How to Stop Addiction.

2. Avoid tempting locations and actions

Another step on How to Stop Addiction is avoiding tempting locations and actions. A famous English soccer player named Paul Merson who had a well-documented alcohol problem once said, “If you keep walking past the barbers, you’ll eventually get a haircut.”

Despite being humorous, it conveys an important point. Many individuals who have overcome alcoholism continue to frequent bars…

The term “temptation” comes from the Latin word temptare, which means “handle, test, try.” Putting yourself in the location or locations where you used to “do” the addiction is therefore a test.

One day, you may not clear the examination. Then you are once again under the influence of your addiction.

It would be the same if you were addicted to, say, shopping. If you go shopping or start perusing online, you may encounter new difficulties.

3. Keep to the victors!

This is comparable to avoiding places, but it involves avoiding individuals. Those persons with whom we frequently drank, used drugs, or gambled, etc.

If you are serious about overcoming an addiction, it is best to avoid these individuals, especially in the beginning and for some time. As is the case for most individuals who avoid certain locations, this is unlikely to last indefinitely.

But only until you know in your heart that you can pass the challenge of being in these locations and among these people once more. However, when many people in recovery reach this stage, they realize they no longer wish to return to these places or associate with these individuals.

“Stick with the winners” is a phrase frequently heard in addiction recovery circles. It may sound harsh, but it’s only meant to make you contemplate who you’re spending time with at any given moment.

Also, we must be on the lookout for those who provoke or arouse our strong emotions. This may include family, acquaintances, and coworkers.

In most cases, it would be best to avoid these individuals. However, if that is unattainable, as with certain family members, at least be aware that you must remain vigilant.

Also consider engaging in some mental and emotional preparation prior to meeting them, such as meditating or reading something that motivates you to remain sober. Attempt to limit the amount of time you spend with such individuals.It is also another ways on How to Stop Addiction.

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4. Be wary of social media

Being wary of social media is also one of the effective ways on How to Stop Addiction. Many individuals who are addicted to a substance find that negative emotions serve as triggers. They want to alter the way they feel, and they turn to something that, while effective in the short term, is always deleterious in the long run.

In addition to being something to which many people become addicted, social media can also be a trigger. As a result of their political beliefs, users of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. experience anger.

Or (so it seems) they are extremely envious of someone’s home, car, most recent vacation, or the fact that they have a loving partner. Then there’s that other person who posts and brags about their professional accomplishments, which leaves a sense of inferiority because self-esteem is already low.

In addition to social media, be aware that the news, soap operas, song lyrics, movies, and documentaries can all negatively influence our emotions. Additionally, some individuals who observe sports can do this.

It does not necessarily follow that you must cease these activities immediately or permanently. But if you know they cause addiction or even cravings, it may be best to limit or avoid them altogether.

5. Gratitude

How to Stop Addiction

Develop what is known as “an attitude of gratitude” in recovery communities. It will help you concentrate on the positive.

It is a method to prevent negative emotions from becoming overwhelming. When you write down the things you are grateful for, gratitude lists are simple and extraordinarily effective.

It is essential to write these routinely, such as just before bed, and to read them first thing in the morning. However, they can be written at any time to combat negative emotions.

Sometimes you may need to compel yourself to write an essay, which is especially helpful when you’re not in the mood. However, they are always effective because anxiety and depression cannot exist when you are practicing gratitude.This is also regarded as one of the efficient ways on How to Stop Addiction.

6. Simply Today

This card is produced by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), but it does not discuss alcohol. Instead, it discusses positive methods to live your life.

It is filled with positive methods to live each day. This is for everyone, not just those who are dependent on a substance.

7. Live well – and express regret

The next step following the Just For Today card is to live by the mantra, “How can I help others?” Consider what you can offer the universe.

Numerous addicts take from the world, including their work, other people, and their family and friends. This is not because they are bad people, but because they feel empty and are consumed by pain and are frantic to fill the void and numb the suffering.

However, the ideal method for achieving this is quite the opposite of taking. Whenever we give, we gain.

So assist others and always consider what you can contribute to the flow of life. Be kind and generous.

This includes apologizing as quickly as possible when you realize your words or actions may have caused damage. Never utter “Sorry, but…”; simply saying “Sorry” is sufficient.

8. Alter attitudes

Many AA Meeting attendees believe that AA could also stand for Altered Attitudes. This is because, in order to stop an addiction, you must acquire a new way of living, in which you alter your responses and reactions to various aspects of life.

It is essential to cultivate self-respect, self-love, and self-confidence. This is an internal heist.

Then, when you feel sturdier on the inside, external circumstances will have less of a negative impact. Acceptance will become simpler, and people will feel more at ease and assured about life.It is another ways on How to Stop Addiction.

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9. Meditation

Meditation has benefited individuals worldwide for centuries. There is no one method to practice mindfulness, but many experts recommend seeking calm and stillness and observing the present without judgment.

It has been shown to be notably beneficial as a morning routine. If we commence the day in this manner, we will have more energy to face whatever challenges the day may bring.

10. Meetings

Twelve Steps group meetings, such as those for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or any of the numerous other varieties of Twelve Steps groups, have proven to be of great assistance to many people for more than 80 years.

This is for those who have previously felt despondent. One of the many reasons why they are believed to be so advantageous is that a group of people is stronger than a single individual.This is also an effective ways on How to Stop Addiction.

11. Twelve Actions

Another reason why Twelve Steps meetings are so beneficial to so many addicts is that they are frequently the catalyst for someone to begin the Twelve Steps recovery program.

You are not required to complete the Twelve Steps in order to attend these meetings, but doing so is one of their primary purposes. Many people in Twelve Steps recovery liken the meetings to a doctor’s office, and the Twelve Steps to the medication prescribed to get and remain well.

12. Therapy

How to Stop Addiction

Obviously, therapy is a highly effective and proved method for quitting an addiction and remaining sober. A good therapist will provide techniques for living well on a daily basis, as well as examine your past, such as your family history, and help you cope with trauma.

At Tikvah Lake Recovery, our specialty is providing daily individual therapy. In our experience, this is the most effective method of treatment.

We can also provide an overview of the Twelve Steps. We pay close attention to the needs of each and every one of our clients, and then tailor the treatment to ensure the quickest, most robust, and longest-lasting recovery possible.It is also on our list of How to Stop Addiction.

FAQs On How to Stop Addiction

Why do I feel addicted?

Drug use causes surges of dopamine in your brain's reward centre making you crave more. Over time our brains adapt by reducing the ability of neurons in the reward circuit to react. This results in addicts feeling less pleasure than before they started using drugs.

How do you know you are addicted?

Loss of energy or motivation. Neglecting one's appearance. Spending excessive amounts of money on the substance. Obsessing about the next dose, ensuring a consistent supply of the substance, and worrying about the next source of the substance.

How does addiction affect the brain?

Drugs interfere with the way neurons send, receive, and process signals via neurotransmitters. Some drugs, such as marijuana and heroin, can activate neurons because their chemical structure mimics that of a natural neurotransmitter in the body.

Why am I addicted to my phone?

People who have psychological and emotional issues such as stress, depression, loneliness and social anxiety can easily get addicted to technology. The experiences that smartphones connect us to – social media, games, videos, apps – can all give us pleasure.

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